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Welcome to the 2020 save the Crafty YouTuber Video Hop! Thanks so much for coming over and helping support crafty YouTubers from all over the globe grow their channels. Here you will find a list of participants, prize information and any other information you need. What is Save the Crafty YouTuber I started the Save the Crafty YouTuber video hop 3 years ago in order to help bring attention to new channels and smaller crafty channels. YouTube initiated some new restrictions as to who can make money on YouTube. It…

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Interested in Participating? Click Here! Prize Donation? Click here! This spring, I will be hosting the 4th Save the Crafty YouTuber Video Hop! The goal was for seasoned and newbie YouTubers that were SERIOUS about creating video tutorials to come together to help increase subscribers, audience, views and to help introduce our audiences to other crafters. At the time, YouTube had just announced that one needed 1000 subscribers and a certain amount of watch time to monetize videos, hence the idea for the hop. Most people saw an increase of…

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Welcome to the Save the Crafty YouTuber Video Hop! The Save the Crafty YouTuber Video hop is a celebration of cardmaking video tutorials created by a group of talented crafters of all different styles and levels. We are coming together to give our viewers a chance to discover other amazing cardmakers and help reach monetization goals! All you have to do is watch, like the video, consider subscribing, and click the link in the video description below each video to hop to the next video. Let yourself be inspired! Don’t forget…

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