You’ve purchased cardmaking supplies, but find yourself collecting them more than using them. It’s not satisfying seeing your well-earned money being wasted. Let me help you change that and be the cardmaker you’ve always wanted to be.

The Problem

Shopping for craft supplies is so much fun! What’s not fun though, is when everything starts to pile up and you become overwhelmed and uninspired. Creativity is supposed to help you de-stress, unwind, and ultimately bring you joy! Cardmaking should bring out the best part of yourself, it shouldn’t be sitting in a dusty corner of your craft space.

I’m here to help

My name is Justine Hovey and I’ve been cardmaking for over 10 years. For a long time I got sucked into buying all the latest and greatest supplies. I wasted so much money on supplies that I never ended up using. I decided I needed to CHANGE. It was time to focus on what truly inspired me and learn all I could about those techniques. That’s when I created the Technique Resource Binder. What a GAME CHANGER.

The Technique Resource Binder is such a wonderfully conceived program. The video tutorials combined with the technique summaries are an ongoing source of inspiration. The classes motivated me to try new things and incorporate them into my papercrafting while the binder serves as a catalog to remind me of techniques/products I may not have utilized in a while.

Mary Whalen Clemens

The Solution

When you sit at your desk and want to create, there is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what to do or where to start. The Technique Resource Binder provides you:

  • up to 175 techniques you can do with the supplies YOU already own
  • video tutorials that walk you through every step to create your own customized, personal binder
  • the confidence to create, a starting point, a visual guide to help you be the crafter you’ve always wanted to be

But that was just the beginning…

Creating the Technique Resource Binder was an amazing experience but it got me thinking…what other craft problems can I solve? Don’t know what to do with your stamps? I got you. Need to use up patterned paper? I have a plan. Need to get your craftroom organized once and for all? Yes. I have plans for those, too.

wait…I’m on a budget.
Don’t worry – I solved that, too.

Why are we so hesitant to invest in ourselves? We buy endless craft supplies, but forget to actually learn how to use them properly. Treat yourself to the ultimate cardmaking experience. Let me show you how to release your full crafting potential.
  • ALL solutions, courses and workshops included
  • Exclusive videos never before seen on YouTube
  • LIVE classes where you can craft along
  • A small, amazing crafty community
  • Library of content growing every month