4th Save the Crafty YouTuber Video Hop!

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This spring, I will be hosting the 4th Save the Crafty YouTuber Video Hop! The goal was for seasoned and newbie YouTubers that were SERIOUS about creating video tutorials to come together to help increase subscribers, audience, views and to help introduce our audiences to other crafters.

At the time, YouTube had just announced that one needed 1000 subscribers and a certain amount of watch time to monetize videos, hence the idea for the hop. Most people saw an increase of 500+ subs and had the highest amount of views compared to any other video they had created in the past. We had many generous companies donate prizes and overall the event was a massive success!  

Interested in Participating? Click Here!

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Previous Hop:

Important Dates!

January 31st 2020: Deadline for Filling Out Form
February 5th 2020: Follow Up Info / Acceptance Emails Sent Out
March 20th 2020: Video Links Due
March 25th, 2020: Video Hop!

Interested in Participating? Click Here!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When is the video hop?
March 25th, 2020.

I am interested in participating, whom do I contact?
Please fill out this form indicating your interest.

I am interested in donating a prize, who should I contact?
Please fill out this form.

Why must my channel be older than 6 months in order to participate?
It is important that the YouTubers chosen for the hop are serious YouTubers who have experience and know they love making videos. We will be sending over lots of viewers to your channel and it's important that the likelihood of your channel continuing be strong. I do hold this event at least once per year, so feel free to come back in the future and submit an application after you've worked on your channel for a while.

I am a seasoned YouTuber and I have reached the monetization goals already. Can I participate?
Yes! It is important we have a mixture of large and small participants in order to drive as many viewers as possible to the hop.

What are you looking for when choosing the participants?
I am looking for channels and videos that are producing quality videos. This means that the camera is positioned at a comfortable angle, camera shake is either non-existent or very minimal, the area is well lit and free from distractions and the audio is clear and well-spoken. I DO NOT discriminate based on the number of followers. Channels MUST be older than 6 months and consistent posting must be visible (roughly 2-3 videos per month is fine).

What if I do not meet one of the criteria in the form?
Please apply anyway. Preference will be given to people who suit all the criteria but if we have fewer sign-ups than usual, I may make some exceptions.

Why not accept everyone in the video hop?
I would love to do this, I don't like being a judge in these situations. However, in order to attract larger channels to participate with us and help us bring the traffic to smaller channels, we need to be met halfway with quality. Additionally, organizing a video hop with 50+ participants is no easy task. I have to keep things manageable.

5 thoughts on “4th Save the Crafty YouTuber Video Hop!

  1. Hi Justine! I don’t make videos, just an enthusiastic viewer. I’m so happy to hear you’re going to do this fantastic hop again! I know it’s got to be a ton of work for you and I just want you to know I really appreciate it! Hugs to you dear ❤️

  2. I am so happy to know that you do this, Justine! I have watched and learned from your videos for years. I have been making cards for about 8 years now and my goal is to start my YouTube video uploads in January. If I’m successful, I will be looking for your Crafty YouTuber Video Hop next year. Thanks so much for all you do for us papercrafters!!

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