Save the Crafty YouTuber 2020

Welcome to the 2020 save the Crafty YouTuber Video Hop! Thanks so much for coming over and helping support crafty YouTubers from all over the globe grow their channels. Here you will find a list of participants, prize information and any other information you need.

Here is the first video, be sure to check it out on YouTube rather than watching from here. For a complete supply list, click here.

What is Save the Crafty YouTuber

I started the Save the Crafty YouTuber video hop 3 years ago in order to help bring attention to new channels and smaller crafty channels. YouTube initiated some new restrictions as to who can make money on YouTube. It used to be open to everyone but now one needs 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. While I'm not personally against these restrictions, many were wanting to give up their channel. So I thought I would organize a hop with friends with larger channels to help bring their audience to smaller channels to help them reach their monetization goals.

Prize Information

There is a prize at each stop on the hop. You must comment on videos for chances to win and indicate if you're international or USA. The more videos you comment on, the better your chances are. Comments are due April 5th. Prizes will be drawn April 10th. The winners will be announced on Justine Hovey's YouTube channel and on this blog post.

Winners Announcement

Full List of Participants

42 thoughts on “Save the Crafty YouTuber 2020

  1. This is a fantastic hop. You did a great job organizing it and still had time to make great cards.

  2. I’ve always been reluctant to try paste, but your techniques are inspiring! maybe I’ll find the nerve to give it a go!

  3. Great ways to use pastes! Really liked the one with the mandala stencil. I’m in the U.S

  4. Enjoyed seeing how to use the different mediums. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Live in the USA

  5. Hi Justine. I just saw Courtney’s video that mentioned the Hop. You don’t really describe the hop very well as to how it is to help us new YouTubers. I’ve just started my channel (only 3 videos)… I’m not understanding… can you elaborate some? Thanks!

    1. Hi Dori,
      the main reason why it’s not clear is that 74 people would be repeating the same thing in each video and we don’t want to bore the audience. Just having the audience watch videos is more than enough to help the people in the hop. I’m glad you found my post that explains.

  6. Why don’t you create a Youtube playlist for this hop? It would be so much easier to come back to them. I mean, these are 74 videos!

    1. The reason why is that you can no longer share a playlist link that I know of on YouTube. I used to be able to do it but I can’t. The other reason is quite complex and has to do with how YouTube credits watch time to creators. But there is a reason for it.

  7. Justine just wanted to say thank you, I have just watched the last video on the 2020 Save the Crafty YouTuber. What an amazing job you have done organizing this event. You should be so proud of yourself and your fellow crafters. I saw so many techniques that my head is spinning. I made a list of everyone as I was going through with notes so I would remember who to go back too and also made sure to hit the subscribe button too. Then I came here to make sure I had seen them all. What a wonderful experience I have had over the last 3 days. Being stuck in my house this event was very welcomed.
    P.S. I hope you get your stuff real soon, stay healthy and I look forward to your next video.
    Sincere regards, Helen Whitehead, Ontario, Canada

  8. Thank you so much for organizing this hop! I have absolutely enjoyed watching all these crafters (found a lot of new ones to follow) and learning so many new techniques to try out! 💕

  9. Love the videos, only can’t figure out how to comment on each. Love this idea, and didn’t know this existed. Love all the new techniques I’ve learned and will be implementing in my designs.
    Some companies I’ve never heard of before, so that’s great. Maybe not for hubbies pockets, but for my creative pleasure.
    Thank you to all the lovely crafter’s who took the ti!me to participate and those who set this up. What fun!!

  10. Thanks for organizing and explaining the hop. Are those YouTube requirements annually or one time? How do you make money on YouTube as a crafter?

    1. So sorry, I just saw this now as I’m sorting through my spam comment box. The YouTube requirements are based on annual statistics I believe. But in all honesty, if you’re getting less that the hour/subscriber requirement you’re really not making more than $100 per year most likely at that point. You make money on YouTube based on the ads that are shown at the beginning of videos and you can make money if you are in affiliate programs. These are programs you apply to and companies that accept will give you a small commission if someone clicks your links and buys.

  11. Justine…WOW…you are so wonderful to do this. I watch a lot of YouTube videos, and I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the people who watch crafty videos. You are AWESOME!!!😊

  12. What an amazing adventure into craft while we are all in lockdown. Ideas to keep us active and get some enjoyment at the same time is wonderful THANKYOU

  13. That’s quite the list. I just started so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I’m looking forward to seeing all the great projects. Thanks for organizing it.

  14. I am just starting too……with the world all closed in right now, should be easy to catch up. What a great idea you had! Good for you! Bucket full of Drops of Awesome there Justine! This will be super fun!

  15. I was able to watch every video in the hop and was very impressed with the variety of styles and projects in the hop. Justine you are amazing for organizing this incredible event. Sharing, caring, supporting, and encouraging one another in this world of paper crafts is one of the things I love about it. Even though I may be working alone in at my table, I am part of a community of amazing crafters who are always willing to answer questions, offer ideas, laugh at your goof ups, and celebrate your successes. I rely on Youtube a lot and am so grateful that you are here and helping others share their creativity too. THANK YOU, Justine!

  16. Justine … I wanted to thank you for hosting (coordinating) this hop! I found 77 videos on this hop … hoping that is correct. I must say I am incredible impressed with the talent out on YouTube. I live alone, and all this videos help during this isolation period.
    There were many channels that I already subscribe to, and many many more I never knew existed until this hop. I am forever grateful for this because these talented crafters are who inspire me to make the cards I make, and I would be lost without all of you. Just like in my scrap-booking days (before FB or YouTube) I went to scrap meets to learn from others … now that I strictly card make, I enjoy watching others create. And I am always inspired to create and share my creation with others. The greatest Joy in life, is making someones day and bringing a smile to their face … and we need that now more than eve! So thank you for creating this. P.S. I know that this hop helps you all as YouTuber’s, but we also reap the rewards of your talents.

    I show up on YouTube with email of ( It was strange, the videos I watched on my computer at home, I couldn’t leave comments on even though I was signed in. So on those using your list, I made notes so I could comment the next day at lunch while at work)

  17. Thank you Justine for doing this. It was fun and I know a lot of work! But maybe a good thing during this time when we are “staying at home.” Again, wanted to just say THANK YOU! Cheers and stay safe!

  18. So many awesome videos! Just finished watching them all. So many new people to be inspired by, lots of new subscriptions too!
    Thanks so much for all the hard work putting this together 😊

  19. I really am enjoying this hop thank you so much Charis (smile is the new color) YT 😁🍉

  20. Justine, I loved seeing your different ways of adding paste and that you used different kinds of paste. I now know some new ways to use paste and I know the differences in the paste and how they will look in the end. I also love that you showed completed cards so that I had some ideas of how to complete my own cards when I buy some new types of paste! I am looking forward to seeing other artists and their techniques! Thank you for setting this up again. I am in US

  21. Thank you Justine for all your work to pull this off. It took forever to get through the list but it was worth it as I found lots of content creators I wanted to follow. Excellent timing too!

  22. Thank You, Justine, not only for your fabulous techniques but for YOU!!! For what you do for all the new, and seasoned crafters. This is my second hop and it was wonderful, I learned, I admired and subscribed to so many. Thank You for your heart, it is good and kind. Next year I am going to print the list so I can check off the ones I watched so I do not miss anyone. That is how I found you last year and subscribed to your channel

  23. Thank you for organizing this amazing hop, Justine. I didn’t think I would be able to get through all the videos by today but I watched all and commented on almost every single one. Some techniques I loved, some I liked and a few didn’t interest me but I watched them all to the end, had a lot of fun, and learned a ton. Again thanks for your hard work.

  24. Absolutely loved this hop. Found a bunch of inspiration and subscribed to some new channels. Thank you so much for organizing this!!!

    1. I think I made it through also. I might have missed a couple but I tried hard. 🙂 Thank you for all the videos and for coordinating it Justine.

  25. Thanks for doing this. I’m new at card crafting & this was a huge help. I watched all the videos, commented as needed, & subscribed to a number that “spoke” to me! I really appreciate all that you do & contribute to making this possible. (P.S. my email for comments is different than my YouTube sign-in)

  26. wow…I really enjoyed the Hop…so much fun and so many talented artists creating such beautiful cards. Thank you so much Justine for taking the time to set this all up…it was a wonderful experience

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