Save the Crafty YouTuber 2020

by Justine Hovey

Welcome to the 2020 save the Crafty YouTuber Video Hop! Thanks so much for coming over and helping support crafty YouTubers from all over the globe grow their channels. Here you will find a list of participants, prize information and any other information you need.

Here is the first video, be sure to check it out on YouTube rather than watching from here. For a complete supply list, click here.

What is Save the Crafty YouTuber

I started the Save the Crafty YouTuber video hop 3 years ago in order to help bring attention to new channels and smaller crafty channels. YouTube initiated some new restrictions as to who can make money on YouTube. It used to be open to everyone but now one needs 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. While I’m not personally against these restrictions, many were wanting to give up their channel. So I thought I would organize a hop with friends with larger channels to help bring their audience to smaller channels to help them reach their monetization goals.

Prize Information

There is a prize at each stop on the hop. You must comment on videos for chances to win and indicate if you’re international or USA. The more videos you comment on, the better your chances are. Comments are due April 5th. Prizes will be drawn April 10th. The winners will be announced on Justine Hovey’s YouTube channel and on this blog post.

Full List of Participants

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Annette Reed April 1, 2020 - 1:51 am

That’s quite the list. I just started so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I’m looking forward to seeing all the great projects. Thanks for organizing it.

Corrie Hanson April 3, 2020 - 11:21 am

Justine … I wanted to thank you for hosting (coordinating) this hop! I found 77 videos on this hop … hoping that is correct. I must say I am incredible impressed with the talent out on YouTube. I live alone, and all this videos help during this isolation period.
There were many channels that I already subscribe to, and many many more I never knew existed until this hop. I am forever grateful for this because these talented crafters are who inspire me to make the cards I make, and I would be lost without all of you. Just like in my scrap-booking days (before FB or YouTube) I went to scrap meets to learn from others … now that I strictly card make, I enjoy watching others create. And I am always inspired to create and share my creation with others. The greatest Joy in life, is making someones day and bringing a smile to their face … and we need that now more than eve! So thank you for creating this. P.S. I know that this hop helps you all as YouTuber’s, but we also reap the rewards of your talents.

I show up on YouTube with email of ( It was strange, the videos I watched on my computer at home, I couldn’t leave comments on even though I was signed in. So on those using your list, I made notes so I could comment the next day at lunch while at work)


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