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Class #18 Decorative Edges

by Justine Hovey
Class #18 Decorative Edges

Today’s class comes from a request from the Facebook group. Decorative Edges are an amazing way to add extra special interest to your projects without it being “too much”. Today’s class is quite short and supply friendly which I hope is a nice change compared to previous classes.

Featured Techniques

  1. Rounded Corners
  2. Torn Edges
  3. Inked Edges
  4. Washi Tape
  5. Embossed Edges
  6. Die Cut Border
  7. Die Cut Border/Stamp 2
  8. Partial Die Cutting
Password: Edges

Our sponsor this month is Gina K Designs! Gina K is one of my favourite companies out there with her coordinating inks, paper and envelopes. I love her inks for full coverage (the best I find in the industry that are felt pad inks). Her stamps feature a wide variety of illustrators so there is something for everyone. AND if you happened to miss out on the foiling products, she stocks the majority of foiling products in her shop as well.

My Favorite Gina Supplies!

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Featured Videos:

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