Organizing Digitally using AirTable or Evernote

Want to create a digital catalogue of your craft supplies? Once inputed, it's so much easier to search for your supplies (especially sentiments) if they are catalogued digitally. There are two programs that are quite popular amongst crafters to do this: Evernote and Airtable

In this video below, I'm going to go over the pros and cons of each program. I work with Evernote specifically for craft cataloguing because that was the first program I ever heard of that did this type of work. I use Airtable now for a lot of personal and business tracking and both programs are really useful. It's up to you to pick what's best for you.

Which is better? Evernote or Airtable?

In the end, I prefer AirTable if choosing a free option. You get more entries and space compared to Evernote, which is especially helpful when you get started and are inputting a lot of data at the same time. When choosing a paid version (I have the professional plan), I prefer Evernote and the function that it can read my scanned stamp images and I don't have to input all the text myself.

How to Set Up Airtable and Evernote

If you're thinking of going with Airtable, here is how you can set up a stamp/craft catalogue and I also show you how to set up checklists if you're collecting anything like Tim Holtz products or markers.

If you're loving Evernote, here is an overview on how to add things to your catalogue.

If you have any questions at all. Feel free to contact me at justine (@)