17 Ways to Use Ink Refills

Did you know that ink refills are not only used for re-filling inks? You can use them in a variety of ways. There are so many techniques available and ways to create your own craft supplies, just using ink refills. I can't wait to show you 17 ways to use them. Today I'm collaborating with my good friend Ingrid. I'm showing off 8 ways and she will be showing off 9 in her video tutorial.

Baby Wipe Swipe

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The baby wipe swipe technique needs watercolour paper. Add a few drops of refill to a baby wipe and swipe across your cardstock. When you let it dry, the colour will seep into the cardstock and look amazing and beautifully textured.

Bubbles Technique

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Grab a coffee mug and fill it with water. Add a few drops of refill and some dish soap. Blow bubbles with a straw and place the cardstock on top of the bubbles for a beautiful, subtle look.


Concord & 9th Fabulous Phrases Die

Any non-porous surface works for this technique whether it's an acrylic block or a piece of plastic. Place a few refills drops on it and spray with water. Swipe the watercolour cardstock through the ink for a beautiful wash background.

Polished Stone / DIY Alcohol Inks

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Using a felt pad, add 99% isopropyl alcohol to your felt pad with a couple drops of ink refill. Pounce it on some glossy cardstock until you are happy with the result. Try different colours for an even prettier result!

DIY Spray

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In an empty spray bottle or mister bottle, add a drop or two of refill and some water. Spray onto some watercolour cardstock.

DIY Ink Pad / Baby Wipe Ink Pad

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Stack several baby wipes on top of each other and add refill to the baby wipes – make a rainbow, an ombre effect, whichever you like! Stamp your stamp into the baby wipe ink pad and stamp onto cardstock.

DIY Paste

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When investing in a paste, white is really all you need. Add a drop or two of refill to white paste and then spread over a stencil. You can coordinate with matching cardstock if you have a refill that matches cardstock!

DIY Watercolour Markers

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Using these empty waterbrush barrels, add a drop of reinker and add some water, then you can watercolour to your heart's desire. I recommend a three pack so you can watercolour with multiple colours!

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