Papercrafters Unite Against Racism Blog Hop

Welcome to the Papercrafters Unite Against Racism Blog Hop (there is also a Video Hop and Instagram Hop for those interested)! Today, many papercrafters have dedicated their personal time to create projects that stand for anti-racism, unity, friendship and encouragement. This is an inclusive event organized by Justine Hovey to help rally behind and support people of colour during these difficult times. I hope you enjoy all the inspirational artwork along the way! Below you will find lists of all the participants in case you get lost along the way or there is a broken link somewhere. There will be no prizes for today's hop but if you would like to make a donation for all the free content you are receiving, please consider donating to:

  • Black Table Arts – organizes and brings in black artists into communities and provides creative spaces for leadership
  • The Loveland Project – helps provide therapy for black women and girls
  • Fair Fight – a movement to ensure free and fair elections
  • Black Girls Code – a movement to increase women of colour in STEM fieldsand exposes girls to computer science and technology
  • The Bail Project – mission to combat mass incarceration and reshape thepretrial system in the United States and helps reunite families.

Additional Ways to Help:

Follow Instagram Accounts of Black Crafters (Thanks Kristina Werner!) 
List of Ways to Help (Thanks Jennifer McGuire!)

Educational Literature

Black and White Techniques

I decided to make inspirational cards that focus on black and white cardstock to show that so many of our amazing craft supplies work beautifully on black or white cardstock. There is a small, subtle message in my interpretation of the event.

1. Distress Oxide Inks

Altenew Kind Words Stamps( SBC | SSS ) and Encouraging Words Stamp( SBC )

Distress Oxide inks are a beautiful way to add colour to black cardstock, especially through a stencil!

Video Tutorial for all the cards

Check out the Video Hop Here!

2. Distress Sprays

Altenew Kind Words Stamps( SBC | SSS ) and Transformation – The Ton( TON )

Along with oxide inks, you could also use the sprays for a bit of a different look. Be sure to shake them well!

3. Pastes

SBC Heartfelt Encouragement Stamp( SBC )

Any paste generally will work on coloured cardstock but I chose some of the Tonic Crackle Mousse since it's quite new to me, I love the texture!

4. Perfect Pearls

SBC Heartfelt Encouragement Stamp( SBC )

Perfect Pearls are a great option as well for a beautiful metallic look – I think Perfect Pearls actually look much better on black cardstock!

5. Embossing Powder

Altenew Mega Greetings 4( ALTN | SBC | ELH | SSS )

Embossing powder that has an opaque property works amazing on any type of coloured cardstock. I love these mixed powders that have different colours in them!

Supplies Used – Affiliate Links Used

NEXT IN THE HOP: Alison Heikkila

Blog Hop Participants

Neha Parab
Fairuz Fabiha (aka Craftivation)
Joy Dsouza
Jo Herbert
Nandini Karmarkar
Stacy Zant
Tricia Y
Mary Ellen Driggs
Margaret Schuering
Justine Hovey – YOU ARE HERE
Alison Heikkila – GO HERE NEXT
Ardyth Percy-Robb
Marcia Dehn-Nix
Sandy Allnock
Erin Reed
Martha Lucia Gomez / Joy Clair Designs
Juliana Michaels
Amy Hill
Betz Golden
Erica A-B 
Angie Cimbalo
Karen Hasheck
Jill Lipscomb of Jill Cameron Creations
Dana Warren
Mansi Bhatia
Charlotte E (Lady Joyful)
Carrie Rhoades
Anna Mahtani
Jessica McAfee
Amber Rain Davis
Kari VanNoy 
Kathya Kalinine
Annette Witherspoon
Mona Toth
Natasha Davies
Anja Glauner
Robin Flenner
Nancy Salkeld
Eva Costigan 
Michelle Woerner
Haley Pettit
Verity Biddlecombe

Video Hop Participants:

Tantalaya McKinney 
Fairuz Fabiha (aka Craftivation)
Mary Ellen Driggs
Stacy Zant
Tania Ahmed
Jo Herbert
Justine Hovey
Renee Moran
Josefine Fouarge
Tanna Lohouse
Jess Francisco
Amber Rain Davis
Jennifer Schoolcraft
Verity Biddlecombe 
Charlotte E (Lady Joyful)
Carrie Rhoades
Angie Cimbalo
Robin Flenner
Jill Lipscomb of Jill Cameron Creations
Joanne Soukup
Laura Volpes
Erica A-B 
Amber Mahek
Kassandra Tousignant 
Ricky Burton-Romero
Betz Golden
Deena Hopkins
Sandy Allnock
Ardyth Percy-Robb
Haley Pettit
Kathya Kalinine
Martha Lucia Gomez / Joy Clair Designs
Marcia Dehn-Nix
Erin Reed
Kari VanNoy 

Instagram Participants:

Full List of Participants:
@handmadebykavya @YourPaperStylist

30 thoughts on “Papercrafters Unite Against Racism Blog Hop

  1. What a lovely and inspirational idea, Justine! I wish you would have had a link for all the rest of this wonderful community to add our supportive cards. Each and every one of yours is gorgeous, filled with incredible techniques, and wonderful words of wisdom and inclusivity! Thanks to you for doing this and to all the other crafters for participating! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Oh Justine! You are just so amazing! This is an awesome hop and I support you and this cause 100%! Your cards are gorgeous as always. I know this must have been a tremendous amount of work to organize 3 hops on different platforms at once so my hat’s off to you lovely lady for being the superb person you are!!!!

    1. You are a champion, Justine, quite aside from your wonderful content and beautiful cards. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for organizing this hope to bring about awareness and support for this important cause. And thanks for your continuing inspiration with sharing your beautiful creations.

  4. What a wonderful thing you have done here!

    I already have an idea for a card to create following your lead.

    Thank you so very much for your teachings and your inspiration.

  5. Love your cards! That crackle mousse has amazing texture. Thanks so much for organizing this hop. I have so much fun participating. 😊

  6. I can’t even imagine the work that went behind making this hop possible, Justine! Someone doing it singlehandedly to get this community closer, is itself the strongest support that can be shown. Thank you for bringing us together at all the 3 platforms. Crafters like you make this community kinder and encourage newbies like me create more ❤ So grateful to be a part of this loving little community!

  7. Thanks for pulling this together. I was so uplifted to see the paper crafters I follow acknowledge the strife in the world and the struggle of people of color in America. People like you help all of us to be the change we want to see by taking ACTION and not just spouting words! My mantra for 4 years has been stand up, speak up, and show up. You have done that, Justine 🙂

  8. I’m saddened that a couple popular bloggers that are favorites of mine aren’t listed. It makes me uncertain about continuing to follow them.

    1. I had an open call on social media. I’m sure many people didn’t see it. It was also quite a short turnaround. I don’t think that means it’s worth unfollowing.

    2. @JustMe I was thinking the same thing. I was disappointed when several of my favorite crafters were not listed, and also consider unfollowing them. I must admit, it made me sad. It makes me wonder where their heart is. Isn’t cardmaking and crafting all about lifting people up?

  9. Your cards are great; but organising the bloghop is even greater and sure important !
    Thank you !

  10. Thank you for raising such an important issue in the crafting community. It’s so important that we continue to raise this issue and keep it in everyone’s view.

    I would like to share a few more wonderful folks out there in the African American community who are wonderful contributors to crafting and YouTube.

    Ms. Sherry The Post Paper Lady

    Tracey Phillips Gift Basket Appeal

    CityGal Papeterie

    It’s wonderful to see all the vocal support. As Maya Angelou said, “The truth is, no one of us can be free until everybody is free.” However, the majority of the pain and suffering has been inflicted on only some minority communities, especially African American and Hispanic. I hope that we in the white community finally have the focus to continue to press those in leadership to make the necessary changes and stop accepting the shocking number of deaths that we wouldn’t allow if the victims were white.

    Love Conquers All!

  11. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for organizing this. I’ve noticed recently how reaction to recent events have been noticeably void of the crafting community. Crafting companies need to step up and produce products that are all inclusive. How else will multicultural crafters feel welcome in the community.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous cards, Justine. I have always been a little intimidated trying techniques on black or dark cardstock but thank you for the tutorials. Going to try them now. And THANK YOU for pulling together this amazing and important blog hop! What a job to do, so thank you x infinity! I’ve found so many new amazing and talented crafters to follow and support. XX

  13. @JustMe I was thinking the same thing. I was disappointed when several of my favorite crafters were not listed, and also consider unfollowing them. I must admit, it made me sad. It makes me wonder where their heart is. Isn’t cardmaking and crafting all about lifting people up?

  14. Justine, this is such an Amazing idea you have here! Thank you for always inspiring us with your cardmaking and creativity…and now inspiring us ALL to become informed and help to create change in our society. We all play a part, and Thank You for the resources.

  15. Thank you for organising this hop and for having me! I love all your cards, but especially the heat embossed ones! WOW! Pun totally intended, lol!

  16. Thank you, Justine for initiating this. As a Black activist/artist and a relatively new card maker, I’m pleased that there is some notice of society’s racial crisis being recognized. It is a START. HOWEVER… let’s emphasize the need for stamp companies to have more diversity in their offerings— such as depicting urban settings like NYC, Philadelphia or Chicago playgrounds, basketball courts and the beautiful mosaic of children who play in them. How about images of high-rise apartments rather than more farms, single, unattached houses, and so many rural and wilderness scenes. Let’s see more stamps with positive images of Black folks (Right On for Rubbernecker Stamps for their African American images.) Only a few stamp companies have embraced the Latinx and Native American cultures, and I often see those images and shutter because of how stereo-typical they are. Lastly, I want to send a HUGE acknowledgement to The INK ROAD’s owner Lara, who was brave enough to LEAD EVERYONE in posting BLACK LIVES MATTER on her website with a link to supporting that organization.

  17. Thank you, Justine! I wish that our world could get to a place where we are not only listening, but are actually doing something about what we have heard. Racism needs to stop! We need to accept and love one another as individuals. Thank you for doing this hop. I wish I had found it sooner. I love all of your techniques. They reminded me of some I haven’t done in a long time!

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