Embossing Powder Organizer & Storage

Organizing and swatching your embossing powders (ink colours, ink blends, paints, etc) doesn't have to be complicated. In today's video tutorial I am going to show you how to organize and swatch your embossing powders using the A2 Disc Bound Die( WFF | SBC | ELH | SSS ) from Waffle Flower.

This die is perfect for creating mini albums in general, so not only are you getting an amazing swatch booklet but you can make a wide variety of mini albums or scrapbooks with this die. It's super versatile!

The nice thing about creating your own swatch booklet is that you can customize it any way that you like! Make a mixed media cover or used coloured cardstock for a colourful and vibrant look. You can also just use plain white cardstock like I did and decorate the front using the Skinny Upper Alpha Dies ( THS ) or the Mini Skinny Upper Alphabet Die (recommended)( THS ). I heat embossed each of the letters for a unique look.

You can even go ahead and decorate the dividers to your heart's content. I used the Waffle Flower Sunflower Love Stamp( WFF | SBC | ELH | SSS ) in a simple black and white look.

When it comes to creating swatches, I cut out a bunch of squares approx 2 x 1.5″ so I would have enough room to write the name of the powder underneath. These page inserts I created using the Color Combos A2 Panel Die( WFF | SBC | ELH | SSS ). This die gives you scored lines which create 6 boxes for your swatches. You don't really need this dies since you can just simply glue on your swatches but I liked that it helped me line everything up perfectly.

I swatched my powders by adding embossing ink to each of the swatch panels and covering each one with a different powder. I glued them onto the page and wrote the name of the powder underneath.

When it comes to putting your binder together, all you need are these Binding Discs ( WFF | SBC | ELH | SSS ). I have mine in mint but they come in a wide variety of colours. The cool thing is that you have leftovers when creating this album so you can make another mini album that is smaller.

Extra Large Wow Embossing Powders 160ml Jars

There are several new collections of embossing powder from WOW that debuted at Creative World/Creativation 2020. I have to say that the mixed powders made me fall in love with embossing all over again! They are sold in 3 Packs – Wow! Embossing Powders: Dominica. Bahama and Montserrat( WWM | WWM ), Wow Embossing Powder: Sorrento, Capri & Amalfi( WWM | WWM ) and Wow Embossing Powder: Sage, Peppermint Scrub & Skylight( CTH ) were my favourites!

I believe that you should try to group your supplies together and keep like items in the same drawer. This is my “embossing” drawer in my Alex Drawer Unit (IKEA) and the smaller container for the powders is the BROGRUNG 3 Box System (IKEA). I keep my swatch booklet at the top for easy reference. I simply choose a powder (and I can see exactly what they look like based on my swatches) and grab the labelled jar. I keep my Dual Speed Heat Tool ( ELH | SSS | CTH ) in the centre and my embossing inks on the left with my embossing bag on the top so I don't forget to use it.

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  1. I just came from the YouTube and this is a fantastic post/ video. I’ve rewatched it to take a few notes. I use a letter size binder for my inks but I don’t know for sure that it’s the best for me. I use a disc bound planner and love it. This really caught my attention as I think it’s just what I need, the size is better for me. I might even redo my inks this way. THANK YOU!!!! You are awesome. (And if anyone is thinking about her technique class, go for it. I’ve gained so much from it, the Facebook group is absolutely supportive and inspiring.)

  2. My favorite embossing colors are Gina K Designs Red Hot, Altenew’s platinum, Hero Arts sparkly silver that came in a card kit, and Wows gold

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