10 Layering Stamp Hacks

Today I am featuring a video tutorial on 10 hacks for using layering stamps. I am showing you several tips and tricks on how to line up and get the most out of your layering stamps. I love using layering stamps to get realistic images. I thought I would include a list of my favourite layering stamps ever!

Top 10 Layering Stamps

In today's video tutorial, we are going to explore both best practices for layering stamps as well as some hacks to get some amazing bulk stamping going on! Seriously, who wants to realign all those stamps just to stamp one flower (NOT ME!)

Choosing Perfect Inks

Choosing inks can be super tricky when stamping layering stamps. Scrapbook.com has made choosing inks so easy with their colour groups – they sell them in colour groups and individually. They come in groups like “Violet Group” with easy labels like Violet 1, Violet 2, Violet 3 and Violet 4. So practical for layering!

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2 thoughts on “10 Layering Stamp Hacks

  1. Hi Justine, I’ve been watching your Youtube vid’s for about a month now. You’ve provided lots of great ideas and interesting tips. Nice for people to know they don’t require tons of stuff to make nice cards.
    That said, I am one of those people who have tons of stuff. My studio occupies a whole bedroom with a bit overflowing into another room. Despite my annual purging, I continue to add to my 30+ years of stamping with new products and tools. It is an addiction, but a good one. Thanks for the time you devote to putting videos together.

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