360 Craft Tower

Need help with craft storage? Look no further than the 360 Craft Tower! It comes in both clear and white so it will match any craftroom! It has adjustable shelves (it currently comes with options to have 4 or 8 shelves with options to buy more) and it stores so much stuff within hands-reach.

Here is a short video on how the tower looks and what I personally store in mine craft tower. It's perfect for storing inks, tools, embellishments, pastes, gels and more!

I'm personally planning on keeping new things that I want to use and some stuff I've been neglecting. I figure if it's within reach, I'll actually use it.

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2 thoughts on “ 360 Craft Tower

  1. Hi Justine. I just finished watching your video on the 360 Craft Organizer. Amazing price, I agree.
    I was most excited when you showed the craft scrubby. Why, you may ask. Because my sister and I have been looking for that prodect for over a year. Well when I clicked the link below to make the purchase, I found out, much to my extreme sadness that it was not the one you showed in the video. We have purchased the one in the link and that product dies not compare. In fact, the one in the link is an inferior product.
    With all of that said, I would like to know if you know where to get the one you have in the video.
    Thank you for your time and thank you so much for sharing your creativity w us.
    God Bless you and the awesome gift you were given.

    1. I bought mine ages ago, it’s also a Ranger product which is why I went ahead and added the newer version to my supply list because I couldn’t find the older version.

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