Justine’s Papercrafting Gift Guide 2019

Just in time for Cyber Monday, I thought I would release my must-try 2019 paper crafting products as a gift guide to pass along to love ones. Each of these items I personally own, most I purchased on my own to try out. All of the products I am showing are from 2019 (as far as I know) so these really are the latest and greatest of the past year. I love trying out new paper crafting products and I know that I always ask for new things to try for Christmas. So I hope this guide is helpful! Don't forget that shopping through my links helps support my blog and channel.

1. Tonic Studios Glacier Paste

Tonic Studios Glacier Paste ( TNC | SBC | ELH | SSS ) is an amazing paste. I've used it on so many Christmas cards this year. This is a very smooth paste that goes perfectly with stencils. Currently these are available in 6 different colours. Don't forget to pick up the Tonic Studios Spatulas or the Stencil Pal for easy application! I love the Tonic Spatulas for smaller images in a stencil and I love the stencil pal for large surfaces.

2. Mixed Media Tools

These two tools have replaced my good old palette knife. The Deco Foil Stencil Pal ( THR | SBC | ELH | SSS ) is perfect because it is flexible, smooths out surfaces, and is the width of a card panel so it really is just a one swipe movement.

The Nuvo – Media Spatulas – 2 Pack ( TNC | SBC | ELH | SSS ) are really great for applying pastes. They are small enough to fit into most jars, you can smooth out surfaces or make them textured and uneven and they are really easy to clean.

3. My Favourite Stencils 2019!

Moroccan Tile Stencil

2019 wasn't a huge year for stencils for me. When I was looking back though my videos, I was able to pick out a few of my favourites. I've really been loving the 6×8 stencils from Scrapbook.com and I love that they are always on sale.

Pine Cone Layering Stencil

4. Pixie Spray & Purple Tape

Another hit of 2019 is Pixie Spray ( THR | SBC | ELH | SSS ) – a great spray adhesive for attaching stencils. Spray from about 12 inches above, let dry for 1 minute and then apply to your cardstock, it will stay in place!

Need more security? 1/2 Inch Purple Tape ( SBC | ELH | SSS ) is my best friend! In 2019, a 1/2 inch roll came out and I've been using this a ton to attach stencils to surfaces and to adhere dies temporarily while die cutting through my Gemini Jr.

5. Exclusive Scrapbook.com Foam Adhesive

Scrapbook.com recently came out with these Double Sided Adhesive Foam – Squares Assortment ( SBC ) and I've been using them throughout my holiday series on YouTube. I adore the size, how easy the backs are to peel off and they are inexpensive. They stick really well when you give them a bit of a push and are easily adjustable if they haven't been pushed down yet.

6. Color Cases by Scrapbook.com

Scrapbook.com's exclusive line has added many new things. I'm always looking for new ways to store my items. The ColorCase – Stackable Storage for 1oz Bottles( SBC ) and The ColorCase – Stackable Storage for .5oz Bottles( SBC ) are perfect for strorage. They easily store things like ink refills, Nuvo drops, paint, the domed blending tools and more.

7. Ink Blending Tools

This year seems to be the year of the blending tools. So many have been released it's hard to keep up. I've personally used and tried these three specific and I recommend all of them. They are amazing! You can't go wrong!

Picket Fence Life Changing Blending Brushes ( PFS | SBC | ELH | SSS ) were the beginning and I've owned them for a long time now and I don't have any bristles falling out. I get a flawless blend. The little brushes really come in handy for precision stencilling small areas you may want to stencil in different colours.

Tailored Expressions Blender Brushes ( TE ) the next brushes that came out were they very visually appealing brushes. They come with colourful handles so you never mix up your brushes and they have an adorable little twirly stand (TE Blender Brushes Storage Caddy)( TE ).

Scrapbook.com's Ink Blending Tool with Extra Domed Foam Applicators ( SBC ) is an improvement on the Ranger blending tool in that the sponges seem to be a higher quality and more firm, but also they are domed so no harsh edges. They work extremely well and you can remove and reattach the domed foam. Definitely the most economical choice!

8. Simple Strips Stamps and Dies

These are one of the most ingenious things of 2019! These simple strips come in a variety of occasions – Simple Strips – Birthday( TE ), Simple Strips – Christmas( TE ), Simple Strips – Friendship( TE ), etc and the line keeps growing! The sentiments come in one 6×6 background stamp so you actually stamp all the sentiments at once, and then the Simple Strips Die ( TE ) cuts them all out at once. So you get tons of sentiments with a single stamp and die cut. The nice thing is this die coordinated with ALL the regular sized Simple Strips stamps.

For occasions that don't need a huge variety of sentiments, there is a mini version available as well. The Mini Strips Die( TE ) has stamps like Mini Strips – Halloween( TE ) and Mini Strips – Holiday( TE ).

9. Wow Embossing Dual Setting Heat Tool

Since I moved this year and needed to search for a Dual Speed Heat Tool( ELH | SSS ) (different plug and voltage over here in Europe), this was the tool for me. They are available with different plugs so be sure to grab the one that suits the place you live. This has a dry setting and a heat embossing setting which makes it super versatile!

10. Altenew Bouquet Die Tape

Bouquet Die Cut Tape( ALTN | SBC | SSS ) You all know I love clean and simple cards and this tape creates the most beautiful backgrounds! I love this for wedding cards, all white cards and even for gift wrapping!

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