The Life-Changing Blending Tools by Picket Fence

Today I am reviewing the Life-Changing Blending Brushes by Picket Fence Studios! Everyone knows that I love blending inks together to make pretty background using a variety of different inks but let me tell you, this is a show-stopper! I was a little skeptical as I really do believe that practice makes perfect and that blending is a skill, however, I was able to try out these brushes at Creativation and I just had to order them!

Disclaimer: I ordered these brushes with my own money without any expectation to do a video. The company kindly refunded my order and included some sentiment stamps in my box so I decided to show them off in this video – I truly did love the brushes. I was not asked to do a video nor expected to do a review.

Now, how are these brushes different from a blending tool or any of the other tools I have reviewed in the past? In the past, I did a video comparing various tools before these brushes came out and you're welcome to check that out here. I think the best way to answer is by showing you in the video but I think the best answer is – seamless blending, no harsh lines, easy on the hands and an ability to get a true blend using the very lightest of inks.

I've often found that when I use very light colours like Shaded Lilac below, I've had to build up the colour so much to get it to appear that it actually loses its original colour and the beauty of the pastel. With these brushes, I'm able to get a light blend that fades nicely into white when using a light hand.

I still use the brushes as I would any other blending tool. I start off the paper in a circular motion with little pressure and work my way in. Beware of dry ink pads though, I did notice I needed to refill a few of mine! 

This is that beautiful fade into white look I was talking about! Jaw drop! I really never mastered that before.

The brushes blend layers just beautifully! I adore this stencil so much! Not to mention the zen mandala and the sentiment!

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