Adding Colour to Backgrounds with Inks!

Today I tested out Inks and how to apply colour without the standard blending tool that you often see me using. sent me some fun supplies like brushes, sponge daubers and finger daubers to try out and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to create three backgrounds and how different they can look depending on the tool you use to apply the colour.

I used inks in “Blue”. The inks come in colour families like Blue 1, 2, 3, and 4 so you know how to layer them together when doing backgrounds, using layering stamps or trying to do monochromatic cards. They are super convenient. Some of my other favourite features is the crisp stamping (check out the sentiment), the finger grooves so there is less chance of dropping the pad and the ink hybrid ink formula that is easy to achieve full coverage with. You can see me swatching and playing with the inks below:

This background uses the four blue colours and the colour was added using the finger daubers. I love the texture you get and the deep, rich colour. This card features the Rustic Wreath Acrylic Stamp. 

This background uses the brushes and has a beautiful airy feel to it! Stamping this card was so much fun overtop of the background!

I personally found that the larger daubers gave me more control and a more even, creamy blend.
Whichever way you apply inks, remember it's your style and different tools can give you different looks. Practice makes perfect so to get those perfect blends, check out the tips in the video above.
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