Craftroom Organization – Tips, Tricks and Ideas

I'm excited to bring you an updated tour of my craft area. There are a few things I wanted to make clear but didn't discuss in the video since I wanted to keep it as short as possible. This is a part-time job with full time hours for me, therefore I may seem like I have a decent amount of stamps/dies and supplies but many of these are necessary to keep my channel new, fresh and exciting. You do not need this many supplies to create beautiful artwork.

The second thing is that I think it's important for people to share their areas who don't have an entire craftroom. People often are discouraged when they see what others have. Be grateful for the space you have! Often times when our areas get cluttered or we have too many choices, we have difficulty creating. I purge literally every 3 months because I would rather my craft supplies go to someone who will use them rather than them sitting there. It's a way for me to recuperate some of the costs too because it is definitely a myth that we video makers get all this stuff for free. We do receive some things, but probably not as much as you think, especially basic supplies like paper, inks, tools and machines.

The important thing is that your space if your happy place! If it isn't, try thinking about why it isn't. Are there too many choices? Too much clutter? Overwhelmed by cleaning it up? Then try to find a solution, I'm sure there are lots out there! Some of my rules to help me keep organized are:

  1. I have “replenish days”. I keep pre-cut white cardstock in card panels and bases (I also have  pre-cut black, vellum, masking paper, watercolour paper on hand)
  2. When I buy new product, it is automatically labelled and stored in a “to use” bin. Once I use it, I move it to my regular craft area. If my bucket is full I am not allowed new supplies.
  3. I have the five bins for my stamps 3x 6×8 (background stamps and extra large stamps) and 2x 4×6 bins for normal stamps and tall stamps. If these bins are filled, it's time to purge. 
  4. I keep my most used items on my desk or in the top drawers of my Alex drawers (trimmer, Misti, white cardstock, most used inks, comic markers, adhesive remover, embossing bad, sand eraser, black ink, versa mark, ruler, blending tools.
  5. I clean up after EVERY card I make. For those that blog or make videos, as I put things away and clean up, I add them to my supply list so I don't miss anything. I find if I let things sit I don't want to craft because I have to clean first so I just get it over with. I like to set a five minute no-nonsense timer with great music and clean as fast as I can. 

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