Canada is #HumboldtStrong

Canada was hit with a national tragedy when a bus crashed and claimed the lives of 16 people on the way to a hockey tournament this past week. As the news rolled in, a nation mourned the loss of so many lives that ended so soon. As a nation we cried with Humboldt, we thought about our own boys and the hours they spent traveling by bus to hockey tournaments, nothing unites Canada like hockey. 

As donations poured in for the victims and their families, candles were being lit next to hockey sticks on front porches across the provinces. The colour green and hockey jerseys are bring worn with pride today to remember the loss of so many wonderful, young men and one woman. There are moments in life when I can never be prouder of my roots and identity and today is one of them. It is always a wonder to observe the goodness in people during times of tragedy and grief. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends during this most difficult time.

Donations can be made to the Humboldt Broncos team's GoFundMe page.
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