3 Ways to Add Texture to Cards feat. Stencil Girl!

Hi Crafters!  Check out the shine coming from these cards! Today I did another card video with multiple ideas on how to create texture using a variety of pastes with one stencil. I am IN LOVE with Stencil Girl's Butterfly Circle Stencil( SSS )! I'm not a mixed media type of girl but I do like to find ways to used mixed media based products on clean and simple style cards. You can get the true effect of the shine and texture in the video much more than in the photos.

I am always trying to find ways to foil without investing in expensive equipment and laser printers. So far I've been able to avoid buying the Minc machine and a laser printer quite well. I've done videos using foilable patterned paper, foible sentiments and backgrounds, and sucking it up and heading to the copy shop to create personalized cards. Therefore I was SUPER EXCITED when Transfer Gel( SSS | AMZUS ) from Thermoweb came out. It was sold out for ages but patience is a virtue and I finally got my hands on some, 

All you need to do to use transfer gel is spread some Transfer Gel( SSS | AMZUS ) over a stencil on some cardstock, let it dry and put it through a laminator with some foil. I used the Wild Dandelion Foil by Gina K Designs( SSS | GNK ) which looks a lot like gold and it turned out just awesome! The shine is to die for!

Another product I have been wanting to try out is the Novo Mousse( SSS | AMZUS ). Be sure not to touch it with your fingers in the jar as I've heard this can turn it mouldy. However, with a palette knife you should be good to go. Spread the mousse over top of the stencil and let it dry. Super easy and they come in a variety of colours. Even though the paste itself has a mousse texture, it dries smoothly and has a lovely shine to it.

The last thing I wanted to use, which I have used before is Clear Embossing Paste by Dreamweaver( SSS ). I actually wanted to use my white paste, but I only had a little left and it dried up. So I used clear paste and it turned out awesome! It would be really lovely for backgrounds on wedding cards. The white on white is gorgeous, but you could use any coloured cardstock for a tone on tone effect.

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