Envelope Series feat. So Suzy Stamps

Hi Crafters, welcome to a little mini series I am doing for So Suzy Stamps featuring envelope stamping that will run three days (every Tuesday). Today we are looking at basic techniques and basic stamping on envelopes to brighten up those cards. We spend so much time making cards, why not pretty-fy the envelope as well?

Envelope Tutorials:

Below are four different cards I designed on previous occasions for So Suzy Stamps and I have made some coordinating envelopes to go with them. Under each photo are the video tutorials on how to make the card itself.

Next week we will be looking at more advanced ways to jazz up our envelopes and some creative ideas on masking, embossing and more 🙂 

Autumn Equinox Ink Bite Set Peacock Plumes Ink Bite Set Highland Spring Ink Bite Set Summer Solstice Ink Bite Set
Coastal Breeze Ink Bite Set Entire Ink Bite Set Butterfly 3 Peacock w/ Skittles Kit
Hugs and Kisses It's a Boy It's a Girl New Baby
Just Married Arrow Love With Love Save the Date
Happy Mail


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