12 Days of FREE Christmas Card Tutorials coming October 16th!

October 16th-27th, 2023
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12 elegant Christmas cards you will feel proud to give to your loved ones this holiday season. Create Christmas cards like a pro and master cardmaking techniques with easy to follow video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and helpful tips and tricks along the way.

The 12 Days of Christmas starts in...


The projects are a surprise until October 16th!

Make Justine's Favourite Cards
These are the actual cards Justine sends to her most treasured friends and family
It's much more than making pretty cards
Dive into how to create coordinating tags and envelopes, how to pick the best supplies for your holiday cards and how to combine techniques to make your cards shine!
Learn the actual cardmaking thought process
Following a tutorial is one thing, but gaining the confidence to create your own cards from scratch with fundamentals is so much more!
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Create Holiday Memories Through Handmade Cards

  • Learn how to combine cardmaking techniques to make stunning cards 
  • Gain cardmaking confidence as you craft alongside Justine who will walk you through every step
  • Master how to lay out card elements to make breathtaking focal points

Hi, I'm Justine!

I am so excited for you to join me on the most in-depth journey I have ever created. After creating cards for over 15 years and teaching others how to make pretty cards they are proud of, it's time for me to help boost your card confidence and take you behind the scenes into how cards come together. 

If you're someone who struggles thinking outside the box or you feel like you need every supply a creator used in order to make that exact card, I'm here to help you break free and unleash your own unique creativity. Through 12 amazing card tutorials, you'll learn the fundamentals needed to create a card from scratch that you are proud of!


I've been creating the 12 Days of Christmas on YouTube for years. It is a 12 day event where I post a Christmas card idea to get you started creating for the holidays. The problem with posting on YouTube is that people aren't always notified when the new video comes out. This year I decided to deliver the 12 Days of Christmas tutorials right to your inbox so you don't miss out on any of the fun.

The 12 Days of Christmas has always been free. This year is no exception. You will receive a free daily email that gives you access to the tutorial. You will have 24 hours to watch the tutorial for free. 

There is the option, after you sign up for the free ticket, to purchase the 12 Days of Christmas VIP pass. The VIP pass gives you instant and ongoing access to the 12 Days of Christmas tutorials for as long as I remain in business. You will also receive a bonus download as a thank you for signing up for the VIP ticket. The VIP ticket is completely optional and you will have access to all 12 of the tutorials as a free ticket holder.

When you click the get your free ticket button and sign up for the class, you will receive an email within a few minutes confirming that you are in. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder in case it gets delivered there and mark it safe.


After you receive the welcome email, nothing will happen until October 16th. Beginning October 16th through October 28th, you will receive a daily email from me containing your tutorial, supply list and even some bonuses along the way. 


Please note if you unsubscribe from justine@justinehovey.com you will not receive any more emails.

When you click on the buy ticket button, you will be redirected to the checkout. Choose your payment method and create your account. If the system says you already have an account, reset your password. You may have signed up for something of mine in the past and already have an account.

Once you log into the classroom, you will see all the tutorials (instant access), bonuses and exclusive videos. Happy watching!

I've been in business for 15 years and as long as I remain in business, you will have access to the tutorials. If in the event that I change my website, switch providers or decide to close the business, I will notify all customers and give an option to download the material.

If you're familiar with my YouTube channel, you know that I feature common cardmaking techniques. The following techniques will come up during class: stamping, die cutting, heat embossing, foiling, pastes, and dry embossing. 

I will provide alternatives for techniques in case you don't have certain supplies. 

I encourage you to use your own card supplies to create your cards rather than go out and purchase everything that I show. The goal of the course is to build your confidence to create with your supplies and ideas while following the tutorials that I show that feature design fundamentals and sketches.

In my experience, people buy too many courses and never get passed the first lesson. I want you to get started straight away and ride the wave of inspiration.

If you feel like it's not enough time, you're welcome to upgrade to the VIP pass.

If you are wanting to sell to your family, friends or at local craft shows, I don't mind you copying my designs at all. If posting on social media, I would appreciate being tagged and/or given credit for the design if you copy my exact card. If you add your own elements, there is no need to give credit unless you want to.

Upgrading to the VIP pass is your best option if you need more time or you miss a day.

The best part about the presentations being available for 24 hours is that everyone has a similar amount of hours in the day when they are awake to watch the presentations. For those in New York, the tutorials will comes at 9am and be available until 9am the following day. For my friends in Central Europe, the tutorials will be available at 3pm and be available until 3pm the following day. No matter where you are in the world, you'll have access to everything fairly. No live events will take place during the event.

If you didn't receive a welcome email or it is October 16th and an email hasn't arrived yet, please do the following:

  1. Check your spam folder.
  2. Search your inbox for Justine Hovey.
  3. Sign up for a free ticket again (often the error is a typo in your email address)
  4. If that doesn't work, send me an email at justine@justinehovey.com and I will help you from there.

I will do my best between Oct. 16-28th to get back to you promptly so the 24 hours doesn't expire but I can't make any guarantees you won't miss out on that day's tutorial.

Email me justine@justinehovey.com

If you have purchased a VIP pass for the event, please note that I have a no-refund policy. This is because the content is digital and you can watch everything and then request a refund, which isn't respectful to the hard work that goes into an event like this.