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Class #3: Distress Oxide

by Justine Hovey

Welcome back to class! Today we are going to be focussing on Distress Oxide inks. Aside from your regular set of inks, this is the only other ink that I would recommend having because they truly do something different. Ink preference is such a personal choice and I’m always fascinated by which inks are people’s favourites and the reasons why. 

All dye based inks work the same – in fact, many of them are manufactured by the same company. Have you ever noticed that some of your ink pad cases look the same but are from a different company? They are probably manufactured by the same company!

Distress inks are different because they contain dye and pigment. This means they sink nicely into your cardstock (like dye based inks do) and they also sit on top of the cardstock (like pigment inks). This means a few things. They won’t dry as quickly, giving you time to work with them. They also have a chalk or “oxidized” look when you add water. Lastly, they don’t necessarily just blend together like regular Distress inks – they tend to layer.Don’t panic if you don’t have oxide inks. Try the techniques with whatever inks you have on hand. Some of the techniques will work just fine, others may look different. 

In today’s lessons, we are going to cover the following techniques:

  • Ink Blending
  • Adding Water
  • Watercolour Wash
  • Stencil on Backgrounds
  • Direct to Paper
  • Galaxy Backgrounds
  • Sunburst
  • Swipe and Layer
Password: Oxide

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Next Up! Class #4: Watercolour

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