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Class #23: Sprays

by Justine Hovey

Sprays haven’t played much of a roll in my craftroom. I’ve always had a gold and a white pigment spray in my stash. I found gold useful for Christmas time and white useful for stars. However, when the new Oxide Sprays came to the market, I knew this was something I could work with. On the one hand, they are easy. I don’t have to think of the colour wheel or making brown if I dry each layer in between. Then again I could make super quick blended backgrounds when I chose the right colours and sprayed them all when wet. Not to mention the fact that they are super vibrant on black cardstock!

Featured Techniques

  1. Multiple Colours Blend
  2. Multiple Colours Layer
  3. Stencilling
  4. Add Salt
  5. Flick
  6. Solid Cardstock (DIY Cardstock to match Oxide Inks)
  7. Paper Smoosh
  8. Emboss Resist
Password: Sprays

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