Ink Pads and Refills

I decided to post about this because I get nearly weekly emails asking about inks and this is a great way to simply direct that question to a definite answer. Which inks are my favourite and why? Which inks are the best? Let’s say that inks are like shoes. Some like sneakers, some wear sandals and others wear heels. Everyone has a preference. Therefore, what I love, may not exactly be what you love. But I can definitely say that a wide variety of my crafty friends in the industry…

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Did you know that ink refills are not only used for re-filling inks? You can use them in a variety of ways. There are so many techniques available and ways to create your own craft supplies, just using ink refills. I can’t wait to show you 17 ways to use them. Today I’m collaborating with my good friend Ingrid. I’m showing off 8 ways and she will be showing off 9 in her video tutorial. Baby Wipe Swipe The baby wipe swipe technique needs watercolour paper. Add a few drops…

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